Asian Male and White (Non-Asian) Female Screen Romance

It’s very hard to create such a list because obviously interracial relationship with the threatening Asian male has the romantic lead has always been a taboo in Hollywood. Yellow peril = White male insecurity.

Therefore, I included every film that I know of that involves romance between an Asian man and a White (or other non-Asian) woman, whether it’s successful or not.

I do believe the American stereotype that Asian men are not attractive, especially sexually, has a lot to do with mis-representation, but even worse with no representation.

So here comes the list that somehow challenges the taboo.

1. Hiroshima Mon Amour 广岛之恋

2. Japanese Story

3. Romeo must die*

4. Kiss of the Dragon 龙之吻*

5. Fast and Furious 5

6. Torque

7. Green Hornet*

8. The Spy next Door

9. Never Forever (Gina Kim)

10. Sixteen Candles***

11. Anna and the King 安娜与国外(周润发)

12. The Lover 情人(梁家辉)

13. American Passtime

14. Ramen Girl

15. Mao’s Last Dancer

16. Ninjar Assasin

17. The One 救世主

18. The Warrior’s Way

19. Shanghai kiss

20. The Medallion

21. Little Fish

22. The Crimson Kimono

23. Too Tired to die

24. On the Other Side of the Bridge (For all Eternity) 芬妮的微笑

25. The Namesake

26. The Great Wall Is a Great Wall

27. Pushing Hands

28. Bride to the Sun

29. Harold and Kumar

30. Leonie

31. Restless

32. The Inn with Sixth Happiness****

33. Tommarow, When the War Began

34. Jungle Book

35. Rising Sun

36.  The Ballad of Little Jo*

37. Bombay Talkie

38. The Guru

39. Tokyo Pop

40. Dragon, the Bruce Lee story

41. The Replacement Killers (周润发)

42. Ae Fond Kiss…

43. The Motel*

44. The Taxedo

45. The Cheat***

TV Drama:

1. Glee

2. Dance Academy

3. Heroes

4. Foreign Babes in Beijing

5. The Legend of Bruce Lee






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