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Merging Clips & Match Frame in Final Cut Pro

1. Getting the Most Out of Match Frame
In Final Cut Pro HD


2. FCP 7 does have Match Frame with Merged Clips malfunction





3. Alternative for the Match Frame Malfunction



Merging Audio with Video Clips in Avid Media Composer

1. http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/45/868741

You seem to describe a scenario where your videoclips also carry audio. In that case AutoSync does not really work, it will actually be Grouping clips rather than syncing them (therefore forcing you to choose a source from a Group).
Autosync needs unique track numbers, so you can merge a V1 clip with an A1A2 clip, or you can merge a V1A1 clip with an A2A3 clip.

One way would be to subclip V-only for the videoclips, then Autosync them.

If there are many clips, you could do an ALE export of a bin with all videoclips (V1A1A2), then open the ALE in a text editor and replace VA1A2 with just V, in the Avid select that same bin, choose File->Import, and under Shot Log options, choose “merge with known sources and automatically create subclips”. Now you will have a V-only subclip for each clip you captured/imported. Autosync those with the imported BWAVs.

You can also opt to throw everything into a timeline and sync up in there, allowing you to place the camera A1A2 tracks on A3A4 or A5A6 or whatever. Then create subsequences (without any edits!) from that timeline, select those subsequences and hit AutoSync, after which the subsequences will be turned into sync clips.

2. 7D Workflow:


I agree. In this case I would have used PluralEyes (http://www.singularsoftware.com/pluraleyes.html) to create a sequence with all the video and audio clips synced. Then make subclips of video and audio clips and use AutoSync (syncing by mark in) to combine them.

3. http://c2.avid.com/forums/t/88712.aspx?PageIndex=1

  1. I link my original clips in AMA
  2. Transcode in dnxhd36 to edit
  3. Edit
  4. Transcode in dnxhd185 10 bit or 1:1 if you prefer
  5. Relink the sequence asking avid to search highest resolution
  6. It’s not important the name of masters clip, avid recognize them trough metadatas
4. Relink AMA

You could try to relink your final sequence with the H.264 Quicktimes.

I think it could work because the source name of the imported clips and original h.264 clips are the same.

You could do a test with a small test sequence:

• Mount the original quicktimes with AMA (make sure you don’t have perian & canon h.264 quicktime codec installed > that can cause the gammashift)

• Select ALL of the AMA clips you wish to relink to

• Right click on the test sequence and choose “Relink…”

• In the dialog click the radio button labeled “Selected items in ALL open bins”

• I’m not sure about the checkbox labeled “Allow relinking on Imported/AMA clips by Source File Name”. Try with / without it

• If the “Create new sequence” checkbox is selected you will get a new sequence with “.Relinked” tacked on. Load that sequence and see if the relink was successful.”

5. Avid Workflow & Relink


use AMA to load RED files, transcode files to an DNxHD format, edit with this transcoded footage, and then relink the sequence to original AMA RED files? Sort of an offline/online process. If so, how is it done. Been trying to use Relink and various settings with no luck. Keep relinking back to the DNxHD transcoded file.

The way I’ve gotten it to work is to transcode to dnxhd36 on one drive and then when the time comes unmount that drive or modify the “Avid MediaFiles” folder so that the Avid “loses” the DNxHD media.

Then do your relink, make sure you have all available drives selected and also the new “Allow relinking of imported/AMA clips by source file”. This is what works for me. I’ve also been able to unlink (shift+cmd + right click and select unlink from the menu) and relink the transcoded media directly to r3d clips but again you need to hide the DNx media or else it always seems to go to that.

6. AutoSync Picture Tutorial:


7. AutoSync Video Tutorial:

8. AutoSync Text Tutorial: