Final Cut Pro Match Frame Malfunction Myth

Whenever I used the Plural Eyes plug-in with for syncing sound (H4N) and image (7D) recorded in double systems, I would end up with match frame malfunction.  Like many other users, I have been blaming final cut pro for its poor design in match frame function.

Today I accidentally discovered the match frame malfunction myth is due to a mis-understanding of FCP’s clip-linking system.

Whenever Plural Eyes creates a new timeline, all the clips in this timeline are new clips without masterclip in the browser (even though these clips have the same name/duration and etc. with the original clips in the browser). Thus, match-frame wouldn’t work for these synced clips. If you want to make match frame work with these clips, replace them with the original clip in the timeline.

If you want to make a newly synced and combined (with the original crappy 7D sound replaced by H4N sound) clip work with match frame, link the sound and image clips, merge them and create a new clip in the browser!

I discovered this by assigning color labels to every clip I have in the browser, and noticed that some clip colors are changed while others are not. Assigning color labels will also help to keep track of the clip and its masterclip .


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