Sparknote: MFA Producing Course

On Producing:

Your first ten minutes must be really good!

50/50 rule: spend 50% for production, and 50% for marketing and distribution.

Hire a producer of marketing and distribution, and do not allow this person to get involved with production. Make him/her responsible for still photography and all kinds of publication.

Triangle: fast, cheap, good.

Sundance 3 standards: critical appraisal, audience reaction or buzz, and jury reaction.

For festival submission, hit the big ones (A-level) first before you go small.

Hollywood producers strive to work with the A list – Spielberg or Scorsese, or to work with the indie A list – the next Spielberg or Scorsese.

Learn to deal with rejection. People reject you for all kinds of reasons that you don’t know (physical appearance, jealousy, bad mood, busy…), it’s just part of our lives. Send a film to 30 festivals, if it still hasn’t gotten in any, then forget about it.

Never give up! Alway, think about Jeremy Lin at the mere though of giving up. It usually takes a super long time for the caucasian world to acknowledge an Asian person. It’s mostly because of their stupidity. However, by the time they do, this Asian person is already way beyond the game.

On Job Application:

For every job application, you must follow up! Don’t be lazy.

For short term purpose: make a good impression that you are a strong candidate is more important than becoming a strong candidate.

For long term purpose: make a strong candidate out of youself.

Use a strong 5 minutes clip as your sample reel than a cinematography reel.

People might be reading your resume on a bus. You better make sure that it’s interesting.

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