Is Hollywood funding Chinese Propaganda or Vice-Versa?

I read this article recently,

Is Hollywood Funding Chinese Propaganda?

and here’s what I thought.


The writer is worrying too much. Don’t underestimate the power of Hollywood!

Hollywood has been selling its propaganda and ideology to the rest of the world for a century, while also benefit from it commercially.

Use The Avengers as an example. It’s selling and celebrating white supremacy (6 white men and 1 white women saving the world), American exceptional ism, justification for the American military expansion in the world, Christianity as the dominant religion and virtue (Captain A as the leader). And there’s even a hidden political innuendo of the impotence of a black leader.

It’s interesting that most Americans are super tuned up for Chinese propaganda, but are not aware of American propaganda at all. I guess that’s how propaganda works, the people immersed in it are always the ones that are oblivious. Like the Chinese saying, 不识庐山真面目,只缘身在此山中. Even the above-mentioned article is to some extent a form of American propaganda. It also reveals more of an anxiety of the loss of power rather than humanistic concerns. In Chinese culture, people respect sovereignty more than human rights. 主权高于人权. It’s a country that has thousands of years of history of collectivism. The people’s perception of their government is also inherently different for a nation-state and a civilization-state.  此处省略几万字. Therefore, interpreting the East from a Western perspective is itself oblivious and biased.

Last but not the least, you really don’t need to worry about Hollywood. Look at all the co-productions, and the Hollywood sell-outs in China. Kungfu Panda has blue/green eyes, makes fun of Taoism, and is black/white (American), while the yellow tigress remains the dragon lady stereotype. The green hornet has a model minority Chinese side-kick. Even the karate kid is kicking ass of Chinese boys. And I don’t even bother to talk about the The Forbidden Kingdom, in which two A-list Chinese stars help out a white boy for his Oriental(ist) trip in China.

Just for the writer’s interest, people don’t use check in China, they use credit card or cash.