Understanding Credit Card


Statement Cycle: 从每个月开始算钱的周期

Due Date: 该还钱的日期,否则就要收利息,每个月的Statement Cycle结束后的第25天

APR: 利息,复利,很复杂,反正不要欠钱就好

Automatic Payment: 选total amount due,这个payment一般会在due date post,但是也可以自己上网提前交付

Outstanding Balance: 上一个Statement Cycle欠的钱,还这个的话就不用交利息

Minimum Amount Due: 所欠费用的最低还款,如果破产了,或者手头没钱了,至少也得还这个,但是还了这个还是得交利息

Current Balance: 现在所欠的所有钱 (it might be greater than outstanding balance)

Current Balance = Outstanding Balance (of last month/cycle) + Recent Spending (of this month)


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