How China’s Homegrown Biz Is Threatening Hollywood’s Payday



I don’t know where all this whining comes from about how China controls its own film industry. It’s their country. They can do anything they want especially since you don’t see Americans going to watch Chinese movies in American theaters. Do you see China dictating what movies get shown in the US?People act as if its a crime if American movies don’t dominate the Chinese box office. Don’t do business in China if you’re complaining. Americans are suspicious of China? Yeah just like Hollywood has been used throughout its history to spread hate across the world and against China. What you hear being complained about today makes you think that the complainers won’t be satisfied until Hollywood can make an anti-Chinese movie and force Chinese audiences to pay and go watch it so Hollywood can make money.

The fact is Hollywood doesn’t have to cater to Chinese audiences like many are complaining is happening. And it’ll cost you at the Chinese box office. Hollywood doesn’t need to add Chinese actors… and the less Chinese audiences will identify with it thus will get tired of Westerners being pretentious romanticizing themselves. Hollywood gloated last year because their movies reigned at the Chinese box office saying the Chinese are inferior at making movies. In a few short months Chinese turned to watching Chinese movies beating their Hollywood counterparts. You don’t think Hollywood’s public gloating turned off Chinese audiences as if automatically Hollywood thought Chinese were more loyal to them than their own country? Why don’t you ask George Clooney about when he was touring the world to lobby for Darfur to world leaders there were some countries that had their Presidents happily meet with him while others had only low-level officials talk to him. Not all the world worships Hollywood and the arrogance shows when you don’t know that fact.

It’s funny where in China they’re not much exposed to the Hollywood publicity machine. They have different Hollywood celebrities they idolized from who the machine promotes. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, American journalists noted why do the Chinese worship Kobe Bryant over Lance Armstrong? Maybe because the Chinese never heard of Lance Armstrong and cycling is not a big sport there? Pretty arrogant to think the Chinese should be worshipping someone they never heard of in a sport that’s not popular. What makes it especially more arrogant is why Lance Armstrong and not Yao Ming who is too not as popular as Kobe but at least he’s Chinese and not someone they never heard of over there like Lance Armstrong. Is that same arrogance at work in Hollywood? George Clooney couldn’t get a meeting with any high-level Chinese official but Kobe Bryant gets them waiting for him at the airport to greet him when he visits China. At first the people behind the Independence Day sequel said they weren’t looking to bring back Will Smith. Now they’re looking to bring back Will Smith. Is that because Will Smith is also popular among the Chinese audience?

What’s the excuse why Americans won’t go watch Chinese movies? And Hollywood eventually will be facing that same problem with China as Chinese audiences grow tired of movies that only have and romanticize Westerners in them. The Chinese domestic films that beat Hollywood also beat them on profits. The movies over there that make $200 million at the box office only cost $5 million to make. Hence why Hollywood wants to get in on that action. But the problem is China’s film industry doesn’t like need Hollywood to help fund a $5 million dollar movie. Hollywood isn’t filled with Chinese ethnic filmmakers either. So Hollywood is pretty much out of luck on getting in on that bandwagon.

Having token Chinese extras on a movie isn’t going to be enough if you think so. This is not a demand that Hollywood add Chinese actors and characters to their movies. Hollywood doesn’t have to. But the fact is it’s called capitalist principles at work here. If you want to make money in China, then you’re going to have to cater to the Chinese. In the US, corporations cater to consumers in order to get them to buy their products. But the people who complain about Chinese influence in Hollywood don’t care about that when it comes to the Chinese. The funny thing is the people who complain I never see them call for Hollywood not to do business with China. They want that Chinese money too despite calls not to cater to Chinese audiences. That’s called imperialism where you get want you want from someone else but you give nothing in return.


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