Learn a New Language in 6 Months

TED Video

5 Principles

attention, meaning, relevance and memory

1. Focus on language content that is relevant to you.

2. Use your language as a tool to communicate right from day one.

3. Comprehensive input: when you first understand the message, then you will acquire the language unconsciously.

4. it’s about physiological training.

5. Psycho-physiological state maters.

7 Actions

1. Brain soaking: listen a lot.

2. Get the meaning first, even before you get the words.

3. Start mixing. verb. noun. adjetive. and etc…

4. Focus on the core: 1000 words = 85%, 3000 words = 98%.

5. Get yourself a language parent. (First of all, they will work hard to understand what you mean even when you’re way off beat. Secondly, they will never correct your mistakes. Thirdly they will feedback their understanding of what you are saying so you can respond appropriately and get that feedback and then they will use words that you know.)

6. Copy the face: mimic and train the muscles.

7. Direct connect: signifiers and signified.