Pidgin English/Chinese Words

smilent: smiling but silent. 笑而不语

shitizen: a shitty citizen. This is usually a self-mockery term. 屁民

togayther: two gays being happily together. A word very popular in China after Ang Lee’s film Broke-back Mountains. 在一起(灵感来自王家卫电影《春光乍泄》Happy Together)

suihide: someone committing suicide when he plays the hide-and-sick game. This is first a reference to a Chinese incident happened in recent years. A kid was killed by a youth gang, when the gang were caught by the police, they claimed that they were just playing “hide-and-seek.” 躲猫猫.

sexretary: a secretary who has sex with her boss. 小秘

animale: male with overt animal instincts, it can be referred to the boss of the above-mentioned secretary. 禽兽

Chinsumer: Chinese people who go shopping crazily abroad, especially in US because all the made-in-China big brands are more expensive in China. The connotation is an irony of capitalism and China’s embarrassing role as the cheap, exploited labor. 中国购物者

emotionormal: emotion + normal. When someone is smilenced, he becomes emotionormal. This is also a self-mockery with the accusation of the powerlessness of a shitizen. 情绪稳定

circusee: circus + see. A adjective describing the apathetic by-standers who watches accidents happening as if it is a circus show, without offering help to the victim. 围观

democrazy: democratic in a crazy way. Sometimes used by Chinese people to refer to the democracy in US in a sarcastic way. 民主疯

vegeteal: stealing other’s vegetables in online games. 偷菜

don’t train: the super fast bullet train in China you don’t want to take becuz of the accident. 动车

alcohodemic: an academic institution with a lot of alcohol. 酒精学术
univercity: a university town. 大学城

yakshit: to say sth. awesome in Uyghur, but used in Chinese as a sarcasm for the communist party when they staged a group of Uyghur singers eulogizing the government (党的政策亚克西) during the 2010 spring festival gala. 亚克西,(政府宣传的)好

carass: caress someone’s ass. This is often used as a derogatory term for homosexual people. 轻拂菊花

ungelivable: 不给力的

livelihard: 生活艰难的


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